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Luxury homes of celebrities are what many aspire to have. For celebrities and other rich and famous, luxury homes are a given. Having a luxurious home symbolizes power, prestige and wealth. Of course, even within the classification of luxury dwellings there is a wide range of houses.

luxury homes
Luxury Home

Palaces, castles, beach front dwellings of many different sizes can be classified as luxury homes. Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. So, behold the beautiful luxury houses that are featured on this website.

While some people think that their dream of owning their own luxury abode will remain a dream the rest of their lives, remember, that for many it's only a lucky break or a winning lottery ticket away.

Many people who thought in their wildest dreams that they would themselves never own a luxury home have ended up amongst swimming pools and movie stars. Even if you never will own a celebrity luxury house yourself, it's always interesting to do a little looking and see what others have.

Stone Mansion

Being that we are curious by nature, we like to see the dwellings that other live in. Even earlier cavemen like visiting other caves to see who had the biggest and how they were decorated.

It's this curious nature that make dream homes so popular. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous was a popular TV show for a reason. We are curious at "how the other half lives". People are innately curious about celebrity homes and those magnificent dwelling as the not super rich and famous as well.

The luxury homes featured on this website will give us a peak at how other people do live. The houses will also give us inspiration on what we can do with our own dwellings to make improvements.

Mansion with Pool

Perhaps you do even have the means to buy one of the ritzy homes featured here. More power to you! May we all be Donald Trump or Johnny Depp and live the life of luxury. But, in the meantime, before this happens let's just take a peak into the homes that other people have and hold and dream of what one day could be ours.


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